Hey did you know there was a 12 degree Ninja black belt in your town… no… yeah could not find him anywhere.

Yes, that’s the oldest joke in the book.

Did I tell you I’m a Ninja…. who said that?

All joking apart, Ninjutsu is not so much a martial art, but more a study of combat, and of weapons and of nature and the ability to use stealth and agility, originally as with other things this also started off in china and our particular branch made its way to the Japanese Island of Kyushu to the family named Saija and we are know as Konigun Ninja’s we are a peaceful bunch, by this we do not get into fights or take contracts to assassinate people.

Ninjutsu is a fun activity to keep you fit learn to jump around kick and punch, but with all things there is discipline.

So on this site we are focusing just on the ninja sword aka the ninja-to, by way of an eight week course consisting of 8 x 1 hours sessions, however, if you want to learn the full system pop over to ninja.wushidao.com