My name is Kyoshi Mark Beardsell

I am called Kyoshi as i am a recognised Master and I am of 50, you have to be over 50 to qualify for that title.

I have a lifetime of knowledge to impart, from an early age, over the years i have studied Aikido, Judo and Karate and also Jeet Kune Do where i discovered the art i finally settled on, which is the art of Kung Fu in the style of Wing Chun as its quick and very effective. in addition to this I also train in the art of Ninjutsu and have trained under THAT banner the Nunchakus, The Sword, Archery and the empty hands and feet and so on.

I don’t intend to ramble on, there is plenty to be found on the Internet about me

So this site is al about the Ninja -To, and offering you the chance to sigh up for an 8 week course to learn it.